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The TreeHouse


The Castle


The StarryNebula

The AngelPortal


… Your place is in the back of the property…

Temple of the Goddess enter thru the front red gate.

When you arrive at our house 704 Palms Blvd. you will need to go around back to the alley.


From our house go to Shell Ave (1house west)...turn left on Shell Ave & left into the alley (Rialto court)...



... there is the green gate, that is the back entrance...704 1/2

The door has a keypad lock. Codes will be given after booking.

Walk straight down the walkway to the swinging metal gates …The TreeHouse is before the gates.

Otherwise continue on into The garden, thru the trellis … You will come to the Fronthouse.


The AngelPortal is... the first red Frenchdoors on the left corner of the main house … under the vines … up the 3 stairs.


The Castle is... to the left of the main house. It is pale pink. Standing alone.


For provisions
From house Right. Up Palms, On Lincoln To the left there is a Ralph’s for
groceries & a drugstore. From house left Erewhon health food supermarket.

A Few more blocks North is WholeFoods.
To the Left is Abbott Kinney. Restaurants. A liquor store. Etc.Plus much more…

This is your ‘treasure map’ to find your spot.

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