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We closed our doors in 2020...but please check out this Legacy Web Site to honor the memory of the beautiful TREEHOUSEVENICE where once thousands of visitors passed through this enchanted, magical space.


Hello & ThankYou for checking out our Enchanted Space, TreeHouseVenice.

Come stay in one of our magical rooms ...

or rent our whole TreeHouse

Find a piece of heaven in the heart of Venice Beach California.

Every corner is an expression of Art.

Every step a Prayer of Gratitude

Shared with you ... our Guest.

... For long has your Heart Desired such an excuse to be Alive!

Welcome Home. Tracy, Andrew & Ava


StarBeloved Temple Ranch

StarBeloved Temple Ranch

         Joshua Tree

Also, please Check out our newest

5 Acres of Boulders, dream high desert vacation Rental in Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree, California

House & Rooms

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House & Rooms
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