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The Castle is a unique sleeping space for the true adventurous at heart. A separate standing structure in the magical garden, it has a desk downstairs and sleeping space above. The bed is small, not the regular length or width, but when the hatch from the stairs is closed … it is very comfy… as we said, adventurous :)… it’s best to sleep diagonally.

Nothing appears to be as it should Alice…

  The Castle

(Actually… Alice … in wonderland might have had a place like this…) The chill area… seating is outside (it’s California man!) and it’s just steps away to the house for bathroom and kitchen use.  Listen to waterfalls, bamboo sweeping on the building and an occasional critter scuttle across the roof as you are swept away into magical slumber… a rocket ship into the mysteries of the universe.

See the Fronthouse for house details…

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